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Soulmage's Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Battlefleet Game!


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Soulmage's Iron Heroes Fixes!



Harry Pratt's Iron Heroes Psionics System v 1.1 RTF Doc (Last updated 9/28/05)


Harry  Pratt's Revised Armiger Class Features v 1.52 RTF Doc (Last updated 11/09/05)


Harry Pratt's Reputation Rules v 1.0 RTF Doc (Last updated 10/22/05)


Harry Pratt's Revised Iron Heroes Magic System v 3.0 RTF Doc (Last Updated 10/22/05)


Harry Pratt's Iron Heroes Character Sheet v 1.0 Excel Doc (Last Updated 11/02/05)


Harry Pratt's Revised Iron Heroes Armor Table v 1.0 RTF Doc (Last Updated 11/02/05)



Soulmage's Other D&D Files!


Harry Pratt's Dwarven Rune Magic System for Standard D&D v 2.0 RTF Doc (Last Updated 7/28/06)


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